When he arrived as a young boy to Ellis Island during World War 2, our firm’s original founder, Len Beliavsky,

clung to the American dream. Migrating to California in the 1950s, he began his career working as a field

right-of-way agent for the California Department of Transportation. He moved his company to Los Angeles

in 1966 and helped provide the many of the valuations needed to build the Southland’s freeways.


Len settled in San Pedro, CA, naming the business Appraisal Services. Through hard work and an ever

expanding service offerings, he grew the business from a one-man shop to a regional appraisal firm with

offices throughout Los Angeles County. By the 1980s, Appraisal Services covered all of California.


His son, Jack, began working for the firm at 16, helping to do field work and inspections. Upon graduation

from UCLA in 1991, Jack officially joined Len as a partner at Appraisal Services. As Len's health began

to decline in the late 1990s, Jack took more control over the family-run operation.